Unlock VIP Status — Wear Your Crown!

All it takes is a bit of ambition to rise above the rest and claim the VIP crown. At SkyCrown, active play is your golden ticket to exclusive rewards and the world of elevated gaming experiences.


VIP Benefits

VIP Journey

Unlock every door of SkyCrown. Play more and get a personal invitation to Skycrown VIP

Loyalty Rewards

Unlock a treasure trove of rewards and promotions designed specifically for you

Prioritized Payouts

Enjoy expedited treatment for all your deposits and withdrawals

Personal VIP Manager

Meet your 'Buddy' - VIP manager for outstanding customer care

Stay active to get an invitation to Skycrown VIP!



Can anyone become a VIP?

Absolutely, we personally choose active players to invite to Skycrown VIP in order to provide outstanding customer care & gaming experience with a personal VIP manager.

How do I know that I have received a VIP status?

At SkyCrown, we keep a watchful eye on our high-flying players! If your gameplay takes you to the next level, a member of our VIP team will personally reach out to you within 24 hours to welcome you to the club.

How can I get a VIP Status?

Here's your first step: Sign up and verify your phone number to unlock the full SkyCrown experience. The more you play after that, the more likely you are to catch the eye of our VIP talent scouts. They're always looking for players who consistently bring their A-game.

Will VIP status give me support privileges?

Oh, sure. You get a personal VIP assistant who is glad to address any of your concerns practically 24/7.

Can I get individual limits and conditions through a personal assistant?

Yes. Your personal assistant will merrily help you adjust game limits and conditions according to your needs. We will do whatever is in our power to make your gaming experience the way you want it to be.

Can I choose where to communicate with my assistant?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of communication options to suit your preference. Reach your assistant via live chat, email, or even connect on WhatsApp – whichever feels most comfortable for you.

Can I get individual assistance on casino-related matters?

If there are some gaming terms that you do not understand, or you would like to get additional information on game providers, bonus rules, or anything else - rest assured knowing that your personal assistant will help you figure it out.

Can I ask my personal assistant for something special?

As your best friend, your personal assistant is ready to surprise you in a variety of ways that are not related to the game.


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